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Some of my Sewing Projects

A Christmas jumpsuit for baby (1994)

Neckline Detail
Fabric Swatch
Detailed text description

Polartec Couture Short Jacket (1990)

Cropped jacket in flame print and black polartec, lined with nylon tricot. Chain weighted hem. Shoulder shaping cut in one with seam allowance.
Front view
Front detail showing black and flame print polartec used in this garment

Polartec Fitted Sweater (1991)

Made for my husband, royal blue Polartec 200, zip neck/collar, set-in gusseted sleeves. Cuffs and waistband from color matched single-sided polartec 100 with five stiched casings, the center one only filled with flat elastic. Fully fitted: tapered torso, back seams longer, moderate sleeve caps. Styling with Polartec does not have to be boxy.
Front view
Detailed text description

Windbloc Polartec Christmas Tunic/Sweater for Toddler (1995)

I have been waiting to use this windbloc: cherry red on one side, butter yellow on the other. I made a tunic/sweater for outerwear, for good fit I used side panel inserts under the arms. Set-in sleeves with significant, high caps (and about 1.5" of ease for a two-year-old-size armscye!). Underarm gussets. The neckline is a basic high crew, I left the hem straight, and rolled the fabric for the cuffs to show the butter yellow contrast.
Front view

Polartec Colorblock Long Jacket (1991)

Cherry red, black, and grey/red/black print polartec.

Front View

Silk Baby Pants (1994)

Detailed text description

My Wedding Veil and Hairpiece (1992)

My wedding hairpiece

I made a two-tier veil, from ivory illusion, and bound it all around with 1/16" ivory silk ribbon. It gathers it into the hairpiece which is set onto a comb. I made the hairpiece by forming milliner's wire into a rectangle, covering it with several layers of silk organza by wrapping and sewing, and then appliqueing onto it the world's most beautiful bridal trim. The trim is a row of organza flowers, each of which has a pearl in the center, interspersed with leaves encrusted with tiny pearls. I put two rows of the trim on the hairpiece and filled it out by placing additional leaves.

Marimekko Dress from High School (1972)

Bodice back, scanned directly from garment

Note the giant zipper, innovative at the time!